Alice in Wonderland outfit – use it for your gathering

Alice in Wonderland outfit – use it for your gathering

Meetings are wonderful and pleasant occasions for renewing family ties. Approaching such events would require such spectacular planning, especially if the occasion is rare. You can host this year’s party with a theme instead of the usual dinner party. You can choose Alice in Wonderland as a common theme that many people can relate to.

You can dress up the place accordingly. Make the place look like Wonderland, complete with giant plants and flowers, long tables with teacup sets, a themed program and games, and themed loot bags with colorful Wonderland candies or sweets.

What’s more, you can ask all your relatives to dress up in one of the Alice in Wonderland outfits. Wondering how? You can search and provide them with a link in an email invitation to your family group. Alice in Wonderland outfits come in a variety of styles for all ages, genders or specific preferences. Here are some to choose from:

  1. For babies and toddlers – Have your babies wear fabulous costumes such as flowers, a bunny (a young version of the White Rabbit), a cat or a caterpillar and hear the adults smile and pet them.
  2. For children – You can ask little girls to choose from several available Alice in Wonderland outfits. In most cases, they would choose Alice, but on the other hand, the little one might just want to be dressed differently or uniquely like the Queen of Hearts. For little boys, Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee are two of the characters you shouldn’t miss having on your date.
  3. For teenagers – Check out the Cheshire Cat costume, which presents a young and modern version of the fairy tale character. You can also ask a teenage relative to dress up as the Mad Hatter. You can find many different designs and colors to choose from when it comes to Alice in Wonderland outfits for teenagers.
  4. For adults – An adult Alice or Queen of Hearts would definitely be more shapely than the young version and even bolder. Be the sweet or sassy Alice or the scary evil queen of hearts. As for the men, you can dress up as the once bullied White Rabbit while sharing your recent life stress with your family members.

Get your family creative. Include them in planning the execution of your gathering. Make them all feel a sense of belonging as part of your wonderful clan – made even more wonderful by wearing Alice in Wonderland outfits they’ll be talking about long after the event.

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