Akita Inu – the six unique characteristics of the breed

Akita Inu – the six unique characteristics of the breed

  1. Forward-pointing Akita ears are an absolute must. They add to the alertness of the stance and were almost certainly useful in hunting. They should be small, thick and in the shape of an equilateral triangle.
  2. The eyes should be oriental-like, not bold or pig-like, but sharp and dark to give the “oriental look”.
  3. The beauty and strength of the Akita is very evident in its front parts. The short, powerful neck should blend almost imperceptibly with the shoulders: it should be noticed only by the wonderful arch that continues into the ear line to give that unique, proud stature.
  4. The Akita’s tail is valued by the Japanese and is considered as important as the head. The tail should be lively and well carried, in perfect balance with the head.
  5. The coat should not have a stringy or yak-like texture. It should look and feel like it can be found on another wonderful animal, the mink.
  6. The color is described as bright and clear. In the dictionary, “brilliant” is defined as: wonderful, sparkling, shining; and “pure” is listed as: unobscured, pure, and bright. These qualities should be reflected in the Akita’s coat color. It should never be mushy, sooty, dull or lackluster. Ask the simple question: What color is this Akita? If you can answer with a specific red, black, silver, fawn, etc., the coloring is correct. If we have to say brown, light brown, greyish, sable, cream-whitish, the coloring is inconsistent with the breed standard.

The ears, the oriental eyes, the line of the neck, the high raised tail, with the most luxuriant and brilliantly colored fur, are the qualities that captivate the imagination of Akita lovers. They are the most defined part of the breed standard and must be carefully observed in breeding so that they are preserved for the future.

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