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A new galaxy has been discovered!

A new galaxy has been discovered!

Before I get all you amateur astronomers to reach for your telescopes and point them at the sky, I should point out that I’m not referring to the interstellar kind of galaxy, but the exciting new Ford Galaxy. I apologize for any confusion I may have caused, but for me, finding a vehicle that finally fits our family’s needs is cause for much celebration.

You see, over the years we’ve been winding up in all sorts of station wagons and small MPVs, often resulting in miserable journeys where everyone is cramped up and fighting each other. Family holidays should usually be an enjoyable experience for everyone, but all too often ours seem to get into petty squabbles with each other and the dog usually joins in for good measure.

We finally arrive at our destination, tired and hoarse from all the yelling and with fogged up windows because my kids insist the interior temperature be closer to a portable sauna. Sometimes I long for one of those Perspex screens that have the cabs that I can just swipe to silence the endless chorus of “I’m bored” or “Are we there yet?”

Then there’s all the things you have to take with you, I vaguely remember in my younger days I could go for a week with nothing more than a spare pair of underpants and a toothbrush and I could always throw the pants away, if necessary. Nowadays, it seems like we have to transport every possible modern luxury with us, and frankly, we might as well just strap the house to the back of the car and drag it down the highway with us.

There have been a few times recently when I’ve lost the plot and told my kids I’m going to go to the builder’s merchant and buy some sandbags and empty them into the living room so we can just pretend we’re at the beach.

I am pleased to announce that all of this is now behind us as we are the proud owners of a new Ford Galaxy. I had driven a Galaxy a few years ago when my friend had a bachelor party and in his wisdom turned up with a 2.3 petrol model much to our dismay as we had to drive it all the way to Amsterdam. Suffice it to say that after satisfying the copious thirst for fuel, this thing had very little left in the kitty for our drinking activities and certainly nothing left to fund a night at the hands of one of those nice ladies at the window , which we had planned for him.

However, I remember the Ghia model we had was luxuriously appointed with leather and wood, although it somewhat reminded me of a gentleman’s living room. I decided to go for the Zetec model, which is well equipped but has a more high-tech feel to the interior.

There was only a question of where to make my purchase. These days there is a bewildering array of different places to visit from traditional franchise dealerships to car supermarkets and the like. After spending what felt like a lifetime on the internet, I finally settled on Ford Deals Direct. They buy from Ford, and by cutting out the middleman, they can offer deep discounts on new Ford vehicles. We’ve saved a few thousand off the new list price which is great as the money we’ve saved will go towards a holiday in Wales next year. I can’t wait as we now have dual zone air conditioning and a DVD system, not to mention acres of space and room for seven. I might even have room for two pairs of pants!

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