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A look at the family safari in Kenya

A look at the family safari in Kenya

If you decide to organize your family safari in Kenya, you will have the opportunity to experience all its natural beauty. They will leave you with unforgettable memories and a thirst for more in the future. The roads are relatively good, making your long journey much easier for your whole family. There are trained nannies ready for hire to look after your children and keep them busy with the various activities during your safari. This will not only prevent boredom, but they will learn new things, see the big cats with their own eyes and also communicate and make friends with the local children. The presence of babysitters will be of great benefit as you will be able to concentrate on your adventure.

A Masai Mara safari with your precious family is a must. Your kids will be so happy to see the awesome annual wildlife migration. They will feel loved when they witness this spectacular migration for the first time with their parents. It is also a good country for photography. It will be very interesting to observe the wild animals from a close distance while distinguishing them in the presence of your children. Soar with your family in a hot air balloon and experience wildlife at its best. After a long dusty ride, let the kids relax in the pool while they swim.

Your safari will include an unforgettable tour to Lake Bongoria with its hot springs and geysers. It will be interesting to watch how the eggs cook in minutes when placed on top of the hot water in a bowl. However, you have to be very careful not to burn yourself. All your questions about boiling water will be answered by your tour guide while you happily eat the boiled eggs. Another beautiful site you won’t want to miss is a tour of Lake Naivasha. Here you will observe the largest flock of flamingo birds that you have probably never seen. This will also include observing other bird species in Nakuru National Park.

As you pass through the Equator Geothermal Power Station, you will spot the ostrich, which is the largest bird on earth and also the second fastest runner after the cheetah. Climbing Mount Kenya will be fun, but of course except for the kids, unless they are grown up. All dishes will be made to your specifications and the children’s favorites will not be left out. All activities for the children will be with gifts, so that they do not go home empty-handed. The accommodation will be luxurious and comfortable where you can easily see the wildlife. A safari to Mombasa, especially along the beach, will be great fun.

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