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A little racquetball

A little racquetball

Natural talent alone is not enough to put you above the game. First you need to familiarize yourself with some of the basics about your chosen sport. In that case, let’s take a moment to learn a thing or two about racquetball.

The sport is presented in a different number of players, which can reach up to four. A two-player game called singles is the common format. Also called mutual up, where two people go head to head for the entire race. The four-player format is designed as doubles. This involves two pairs facing each other.

There is another type of racquetball called cut-throat or ironman. It’s a three-player game, meaning two compete against one personal. Players take turns on service tasks. The service is then received by the other two who will play as a unit.

California or in-and-out is also a game for three players. This involves two people going head-to-head while the third competitor waits in the back court. A rally takes place, with the winner appearing to serve to the waiting player. The loser then serves as the stomach player.

Sevens is another variation of the three-player format. It shows a single player against a couple who will play as a team. If the pair reaches 7 points first, the game ends, but if the single player reaches 7 first, the game continues to 14. If again the individual playing solo moves to 14 points first, the game goes to 21. The game ends regardless of who goes first to 21.

Now that you have an idea of ​​how the game works, let’s find out how points are earned. Note that points are awarded only to the serving player or serving team in doubles play. These can be achieved by pulling away with a rally victory after a service boom.

A player loses a rally on certain occasions during a game. This can happen if the ball bounces on the floor more than once before the player is in position to hit it. In addition, a point is lost if the ball does not make contact with the front wall during the play. Another scenario would be if the ball goes overboard into an out-of-bounds surface such as the spectator gallery, hole in the wall or any other area that deviates from the normal field of play.

Additionally, a slow ball can also cost a player a rally, especially if it hits another player due to the lack of speed needed to reach the front wall. A shot struck by another player as a result of the other player’s or their life partner’s activities is another no-no. Penalty stumbles can also be a reason to lose a rally. Other actions that can put a player on the losing end of a layup are carrying the ball using the racquet, not using the racquet cord for wrist safety, changing racquet hands during the actual play, and allowing the ball to hit the uniform or other body part.

In accordance with the rules of USA Racquetball, matches are determined as best of three games. The first two games require opponents to reach 15 points to win, while the third game requires 11 points. United States racquetball standards do not include winning by at least two points in any game, making it distinct from its Canadian counterpart.


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