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A few tips for bathing your dog

A few tips for bathing your dog

Everyone bathes their dogs differently depending on how they were taught or how they think is best. But one of the main things that determine how often a dog should be bathed is his hair type, whether it’s long, silky, curly or smooth.

If you own a dog like a poodle or shih tzu that requires more intensive grooming, it may be best to consult a professional groomer before attempting to do it yourself at first.

Bathing your dog regularly isn’t usually necessary, and if you bathe him too much, you can actually make his coat look dull and dry. Most dogs simply need brushing at regular intervals to keep their skin and hair in good condition. This essentially replaces the need for frequent bathing.

If you do have to bathe your dog, you should brush all the mats beforehand, as wet matted hair is often harder to deal with. You should also get a shampoo that is specifically labeled for dogs.

The pH of dog skin is neutral, usually around 7-7.4, while most human shampoos tend to be more acidic and are not suitable for use on dogs.

Unless it’s a very nice summer day, most dogs need to be bathed inside. Because once a dog gets wet, they can quickly lose body heat and become too cold.

It is also very important that after you have finished shampooing your dog, you remove all traces of the shampoo from his body. If any residue remains, it can cause skin irritation and in severe cases, hair loss.

Finally, it is best to dry the dog with hand towels and avoid a hair dryer or drying cage if possible because these products can lead to heat stress for the dog.

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