A cat bed for every cat

A cat bed for every cat

Being cat lovers, we know that cats love to sleep. Cats sleep up to 18 hours every day and can find a place to sleep in almost any room. Some cats like to curl up in the bathroom sink.

Our family cats often sleep on our furniture and on or in our beds and leave behind the telltale sign of cat hair. How often have we said to ourselves while trying to remove cat hair from our furniture, “If only we had a cat bed she’d want to sleep in!”? The good news is that there are many cat beds to choose from that will be just what you and your kitty are looking for.

You should take the time to evaluate your cat’s sleeping habits. Does she like to curl or stretch? Does he like to look outside? Does he like to snuggle under blankets, clothes, or in a box or sack? Got arthritis and needs more support? Is she just an outside cat? Fortunately, there are cat beds to meet her needs and wants.

Cats often like to sleep curled up and can find comfort in round beds. These beds have different wall heights around the bed, ranging from approximately 2″ to 4″, and some have a tapered front for easier access. They are usually 16″-18″ in diameter. They can curl up inside and sleep for hours. This style of cat bed is made of polyester foam and will have a removable, washable cover. Some round beds also have hoods for more cuddle time.

If your cat likes to prop her head up while she sleeps, beds with sides or pads may be the right bed for her. These beds come in many designs, from looking like a sofa to a simple cat bed with a 3-sided support.

For cats that like to stretch out, a nice rectangular pillow or platform style bed would be the perfect bed for her. They are available in different sizes and materials. These beds can be filled with fluffy fibers such as pillow or orthopedic foam. Some styles can be thrown directly into the washing machine and some have removable covers that can be washed.

Some house cats like to look outside and/or sit in the sun while the sun comes in through the window. For these little darlings, there are beds that attach to the windowsill to give your kitty a place to watch and sun. These windowsill beds come in several designs; platform only, platform with pads, platforms with hoods and/or heating elements. I know a cat that has a bed on the windowsill and that is his favorite spot.

If your cat just wants to be close to you and on your furniture or bed, a throw may be the right choice. These throws make great furniture covers and help remove cat hair from furniture. In addition, many cats like to curl up in a blanket, under clothes, or simply wrapped in a bundle. Some throws also have heating elements to keep your little kitty nice, cozy and comfortable.

Some cat beds are designed to look like furniture like a couch or chair. Some are raised on short legs like a glamorous bed. You need to decide how you want the cat bed to fit into your decor.

If your cat is purely an outdoor cat or likes to sleep in the garage, or you’re kind enough to want to provide warmth for a few feral cats, you can make an easy, inexpensive bed. I bought large clear plastic storage containers, removed the lids and turned the container on its side. I then leave old towels and blankets in the bin to ensure comfort. If you don’t have old blankets, I bought a very cheap fleece blanket, cut it into thirds, folded the blanket and placed it on top of the old towels. Cats have enjoyed this comfort for several years. In a larger container, after setting it aside, I put a sweater container in it and put the bedding in the sweater container. This container has short sides and is easy for the kitten to step on. She can also nestle into the short container and be more protected from the wind. I place the containers in a location that will block them from wind and rain as much as possible. I have a change of bedding that I use so I can wash a set and they still have somewhere to sleep.

There are also cat beds designed specifically for outdoor use and heated. You’ll want to put them in place to keep them away from the weather elements.

As I mentioned, several cat beds have heating elements to keep them warm. You can also purchase separate heating elements and place them under the bedding so that your kitty is not sleeping directly on top of the unit. Of course, any of these devices can be turned off during the warmer months.

Cat lovers know the independence of our beloved felines. They really have a mind of their own and decide what they like. It’s not easy to train a cat. Try to get them a place where they are comfortable and it will probably be somewhere close to where you spend your time. A cat bed can create a place of comfort, security and safety. Some beds have a pocket where you can put catnip to encourage her to sleep in bed.

A quality cat bed can last for years. Also check out some small dog beds because they can be just the right size for your cat. Whatever design you choose, make sure the surface can be cleaned easily. Cleaning them often will rid the fabric of bacteria, body odor and maybe even flea larvae.

Your cat will love its new bed. Placing the bed in the room where they can be close to you is what they really want. Enjoy your happy, content cat.

Disclaimer: I am not a veterinarian, nor do I have formal training in any medical field. This article is not a substitute for the advice of your veterinarian. I am only providing options and ideas that you may want to discuss with your veterinarian.

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