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8 quick tips for making dog food at home

8 quick tips for making dog food at home

Many people have turned to making dog food at home instead of buying store brands. It’s much healthier for your dog and you get to choose whatever you put in it. Recipes abound, so here are some tips on what to do.

1. The most important tip of all is that it’s a lot easier than you think! You will see for yourself by the time you finish this short article.

2. Dogs need a lot of protein, so make sure your recipe contains enough. Great sources of protein include beef, fish, chicken, turkey and spinach.

3. Vegetables for vitamins and carbohydrates are also necessary in a dog’s diet, so be sure to include some. Carrots, peas, celery and cucumber work great!

4. A whole grain source such as brown rice is another good ingredient for making dog food at home. It is natural, healthy and a wonderful compliment to any recipe.

5. Keep it super simple. Whole foods are best, so stick to the ones you know. And always use fresh, nutritious ingredients.

6. Be careful not to use processed foods, junk food, sugary snacks, salty ingredients, chocolate, grapes, raisins, onions, avocados or dairy products. They are harmful to dogs and some are even toxic.

7. Raw foods can be dangerous for dogs because they can contain bacteria, so it’s always best to cook your dog’s meals.

8. There are plenty of sources of great recipes for making dog food at home and your dog will really love you for all the great meals you make for him! I point to a good source at the end of this article.

I hope you now understand how simple it really can be. Your dog could be just moments away from his first home cooked meal prepared by you! Not only do you reduce your dog’s risk of disease and ensure his overall health, but you also significantly extend his life.

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