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5 tips for walking an overexcited dog

5 tips for walking an overexcited dog

Dogs make great pets and have long had the reputation of being man’s best friend. They offer company, make us smile and are often seen as another member of the family. Our dogs can also help us stay fit and healthy by giving us a reason to go on very long walks. However, sometimes what should be an enjoyable activity actually becomes a chore when the dog in question becomes distracted and refuses to walk properly or obey a command. The following 5 tips for walking an overexcited dog should help you regain control so you can start looking forward to your exercise together again.

1. Before you go for a walk, don’t let your dog run wild. Instead, make him wait until you’re ready to go out and stake his lead. Once he learns that he has to wait for you to give him the OK, he will be much calmer and easier to control.

2. Make sure that when you take your dog out, you use a short leash that is nice and sturdy. Check that their collar is not too tight or too loose, and then use the leash to exercise control over the dog when it tries to take you for a walk, instead of the other way around. It’s okay to give the lead a few quick short pulls if you need to get the dog under control and show him who’s boss, as long as you’re careful.

3. Don’t let the dog walk in front of you, instead hold the lead tight to your body and stand slightly in front of the dog. You can then let him start walking next to you, but if he starts walking in front, be sure to pull him back and reassert your authority.

4. Remember to always reward good behavior, especially if your dog has just followed a command. Food treats are a great way to do this, but you might also consider taking a little off the lead to let him spend a minute or two smelling that amazing place he just found.

5. At this point, another reward is probably in order, so keep some tasty treats in your pocket. You can give it to him when he completes your order. This will be another incentive for him to do as he is told when you are out for a walk.

6. Take your dog to a quiet place so there aren’t many distractions or things for him to go and explore.

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