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5 Reasons Holland Lops Make Good Pets

5 Reasons Holland Lops Make Good Pets

If you are looking to purchase a rabbit for your home, then you should consider purchasing a Holland Lop. Rabbits make good pets, and this is evident from the increase in the number of households purchasing them over the last decade. If you have decided to buy a rabbit, here are 5 reasons to choose a Dutch breed.

Holland Lops are friendly and social

Rabbits are naturally friendly animals, even in the wild they move in groups to maintain interaction. This breed of rabbit is particularly friendly and social and will thrive with constant attention and care. Adults and children alike will be amazed and thrilled by the rabbit’s inquisitive nature, except when it results in gnawing on shoes and other valuables around the home! To ensure that your rabbit is comfortable with people, it is best to get one while it is young and it will continue to be affectionate and loyal throughout its life.

Holland Lops are playful

Children love playtime and will be delighted to have a bunny that loves to play too. A playful bunny is exactly what you will get when you buy a Dutch rabbit breed. From running, hiding, jumping and throwing his toys from one end of the room to the other, the rabbit’s antics will have everyone in your household bursting with laughter.

Holland Lops are easy to dispose of

Just like almost all other rabbit breeds, it will be easy to train your Holland Lop to use the litter box. Rabbits are all about cleanliness, and once you make it clear what the litter box is for, he’ll use it when he needs to go.

Holland Lops are loyal

Your Holland Lop will quickly become a vital part of your family, especially if you keep it indoors. In no time, your bunny will bond with you and so will you. If you think dogs are loyal, you haven’t seen anything until you’ve seen a loyal bunny! They really can be like little dogs!

Holland Lops are cute

With their small, compact and light frames, the Dutch Lops breed is simply delightful to look at, and their soft fur makes them ideal for frequent cuddles. This breed is so small and light that they are the perfect size if you have small children or if you are short on space. As small as they are, you will need to have enough space in the cage to allow for active play.

With five great reasons to buy a Dutch Lop breed, in addition to the fact that they are easy to maintain and just plain cute, why not make one a part of your family today?

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