5 easy steps to teach a dog to pick up objects from the floor

5 easy steps to teach a dog to pick up objects from the floor

For a proud owner, every trick the dog learns is a source of delight and pride. Training and teaching your dog to “roll over” and “play dead” is simple enough, but one of the things a dog can help you with is clutter in the house. Whether the dog is responsible for it or you.

Here’s how to teach your dog to pick up objects from the floor:

Step 1. Prepare lots of treats and praise. Any dog ‚Äč‚Äčtraining should come with plenty of dog treats. These treats, in addition to serving as a reward for your dog, also serve as reinforcement for him and reinforce his behavior. As soon as your dog does something you want him to do, shower him with treats and praise!

Step 2. Choose a good learning tool. A rule of thumb is to get something the dog is unfamiliar with, so that means his toys are out of the picture. Use something that has no value to you, so it can get damaged or broken in the learning process and you won’t care. You can use a plastic cup or an old wallet. Knock it to the floor, don’t throw it. This trick is not a variation of fetch. Instead, you tell your dog that something has fallen on the floor and he needs to pick it up.

Step 3. Draw the dog’s attention to the old wallet on the ground. Make sure he sees the wallet on the floor, then pick it up and put it in your dog’s mouth. Then say the dog’s name and follow it with the command “get it”. Repeat this several times until you take the wallet and place it in the dog’s mouth. Your dog will know that you want the wallet in his mouth.

Step 4. Don’t forget to praise your dog and give him treats at this point. Your dog will know he did something right and will continue to do it again for you.

Step 5. Move to other items and repeat the same procedures. You should also move away each time. Always call your dog’s name and follow it up with the “pick him up” command. Expect to have many repetitions of these steps with many other items before your dog learns this trick. In time, your dog will learn that whatever object falls to the floor, it must be picked up.

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