3 rainy day play ideas for your child’s sand and water table

3 rainy day play ideas for your child’s sand and water table

Tired of being asked over and over again when sand and groundwater can come out of storage? It’s such a shame if your toddler can’t play outdoors using the sand and water table, especially when he’s having a lot of fun and also enjoys creative and imaginative play. Everyone wants to make sure our little ones are happy, and it’s so nice for us to watch them have a good time and experience new things in the process. So why not bring your kids’ sand and water table indoors?

When you try these ideas and strategies, your toddler can benefit from the sand and water table. So they will not only be able to play with one of their favorite toys even in the winter, but they will also discover through play and on top of that they will be warm by being inside:

1. Sand and water tables should not be used with just sand and water. You will also be able to put rice, pasta, dried beans or peas in there. Many children like to use kitchen utensils such as ladles, cups, spoons, measuring jugs and anything else you can find to measure and pour the rice or pasta.

Maybe your kids will enjoy role-playing and enjoy being able to “cook” a meal for you, especially when it’s pasta or something you usually serve at mealtimes. This role reversal, having your little one cook your food, is often great fun for both of you.

These different options will not only allow your child to try out different textures, but they will have the chance to use their imagination. Maybe they’ll enjoy hiding their dinosaurs or farm animals and rooting around in the rice to find them. You might want to try hiding sultanas or dried fruit covered in tin foil and letting your child search for an edible ‘treasure’. Depending on the age of your son or daughter, you may want to introduce additional rules to make finding the treasure more complicated, as they can only use a spoon or must be blindfolded and can only feel their way to the treasure.

If you manage to drag your child to the end of the play session, don’t worry about wasting the rice or pasta – just save it for the next day, as it’s something your son or daughter will definitely want to make again and again.

Instead, when you’re done with the beans, rice, or pasta, you can use them for arts and crafts. For example, your little one can string the dried paste to make a necklace or other piece of jewelry. It can be used to make a collage or draw and be used to help with counting and number games. Whether you decide to continue using the paste or do something else entirely when you’re done, it won’t be for nothing because you’ll have an extra activity for an extra day.

2. If you have a waterproof surface or a plastic sheet that can be used to protect the floor, your child can still enjoy indoor water games. For fun, you can add some foam to the water for your child to play with the bubbles.

Scoops and cups are great toys for scooping up the bubbles and creating “bubble mountains”. You can also add your child’s usual water toys when playing with water indoors so that they can enjoy all the fun that is usually associated with outdoor water play.

3. If you don’t mind a little mess, this will probably please your child. For those who don’t have a tile floor or some other waterproof surface, you may want to use a protective sheet, but your child’s fun will certainly make your efforts worthwhile!

Cook some jelly using the normal jelly packets you can buy from the supermarket. Based on the size of your sand and water table, you may need to use several packs, or maybe even make several different colors and put one color inside the “sand” compartment along with the other inside the “water” compartment.

When your jelly has set, stir it with a fork or spoon to separate the mixture a bit and pour it into the sand and water table. Cover with plastic dinosaurs or farm animals and your child will have his own personal “jelly swamp” for a long time. You can save some jelly for your kids to enjoy later. The jelly consistency and ‘messy factor’ make it a suitable treat for toddlers and older children!

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