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3 fun games to play with your Yorkie puppy

3 fun games to play with your Yorkie puppy

Yorkshire terriers are extremely playful – they love to run and chase things. They have a lot of energy that owners must learn to use well. Games, whether indoors or outdoors, are an excellent way to entertain your pet while inserting some training lessons. Remember that dogs learn basic commands best when trained young!

Here are 3 fun games you can play with your Yorkshire Terrier:


This is an excellent game to play with your puppy that also teaches him the “Come” command. Play this game in a confined, safe space in your home, or better yet, outside in your yard. Play with your pet for a few minutes, then wait for a moment when he is distracted. Hide behind a couch (or a bush when you’re outside). Peek and wait until he realizes you’re gone and he’ll naturally come looking for you, as Yorkies tend to become clingy and affectionate with their owners. When he gets close to your hiding place, shout “Come!” – which will teach him to come to you wherever you are.

Find your toy

All you need for this game is your pet’s favorite toy. Start by sitting in front of him in a room, waving his favorite toy, saying “Where’s your toy?”. While he looks at the toy in your hand, let him pick it up a few times and play with it for a few minutes. Then take him out of the room, partially hide the toy and let him find it. Again ask “Where is your toy?”. Once he finds it, take him out of the room again, but this time hide the toy completely. Ask the question again and let your pet sniff the room until he finds his toy. When this game is successful, the toy can be an excellent teaching aid for training sessions.

catch me

This is a play/teaching technique that also teaches the “Come” command. This requires two people sitting across from each other in a room about six to eight feet apart, one holding the Yorkie and the other holding a treat. The one holding the treat must shout “Come!” in a happy voice giving the treat as the puppy runs. This teaches your pet to come to you even when they are enjoying playing with other people.

Try these fun games with your Yorkshire Terrier that will also be a learning process for him!

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